New Pool Construction Services

Trinity Pools & Scapes can provide new construction on a variety of pools, scapes and other outdoor home improvement projects. We serve clients throughout Travis County and the surrounding areas. The project types for which we offer new construction services include but are not limited to:

Pool 6

Negative Edge Pools

Negative edge pools create the illusion of seamless blending with a scenic background! This effect can help to bring your pool and backyard to the next level of aesthetic appeal. Call today to get started designing the negative edge pool of your dreams.

Pool Waterfalls

Having a rock waterfall in your backyard is a way to bring nature into your backyard. It provides a peaceful centerpiece to any outdoor setting, delivering sonic comfort as water quietly splashes and churns down the rocky slope.

New Construction Pools

If you're building a new house, ask your real estate company about including a swimming pool in your first mortgage. This might save you thousands of dollars in the long run and could be the best option for any family that plans on building a pool someday.

Outdoor Kitchens

Your outdoor kitchen should strike a balance between comfort and functionality. It needs to be a group hangout spot where cooking can still be done with ease and efficiency. With decades of outdoor kitchen experience, Trinity Pools & Scapes will get the job done.

Spa Scapes

Have you ever wanted to experience the luxury and serenity of a spa environment without leaving your property? At Trinity Pools & Scapes, we can turn your backyard into the vacation getaway spot of your dreams! Call today to learn more!

Shade & Arbor Scapes

Finding family togetherness has never been easier! Shades and arbor scapes make for the perfect environment for family hangouts. There's always something to do at your home... No packing required. Give Trinity Pools & Scapes a call today.

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